Thursday, April 3, 2008

Well, a little about me. I am a wife of 24 years, a mother of 2 (19 and 11) , a sister to 4 other siblings and a friend to many (I hope). I enjoy helping others, crafting, baking, doing anything I can to avoid sitting still! I love to be going. I am about to open a small shop in the town that I live in and I am hoping it does well. (guess that's stupid comment, huh) I love to bake and have people enjoy whatever it is I have prepared. There is no greater reward to baking than when someone compliments how good it was, or comes back for 2nds! My husband has been very supportive of me and I appreciate him more than he knows. Even though he hasn't felt well, he continues to help me with whatever I need! Guess I did something right in life, huh! Couldn't have found anyone better!