Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sunflower cupcakes made for my daughter's softball team. Cupcakes were rainbow colored vanilla.

5oth wedding anniversary cake. Roses are made from fondant

50th wedding anniversary cake.

This was for a boys birthday that loved Dallas Cowboys. Should have taken a picture without the saran wrap. Still need to work on my picture taking skills!!

Diaper cake I made for a dear friend of mine. This one was fun!! No icing to smooth here!!

Popcorn cupcakes made for my daughter's basketball team at the end of the year.

small cookie bouquets I made for someone to give to realtors.

Christmas cake for teachers at school.

This was done for a wedding shower. Chocolate cake with kahlua fudge filling. OMG!!! It was soooo rich!!!
Should have used a solid ribbon so the cake wouldn't show through... oh well....

Siser in law turned 30 and couldn't let that pass!!!

Wedding cake for a couple out at SkyDive Dallas. They were getting married while jumping out of the plane. Wanted a simple sheet cake. Not my best but it was last minute.... Looks lopsided but it was how I took my picture. Need to really improve on that!!

First carved cake. Nothing spectacular but still a challenge!! It was fun. Made for a baby shower with a Noah's arc theme.

Wedding cake made for a friend of my son's. This was made the same weekend of graduation. Had this cake and two graduations cakes due at the same time. Whew... that week end was rough!!

Cake made for Sky Dive Dallas. They have an annual event called "just for us boggie" and I make their cakes every year!! Always a lot of fun... This one was Chocolate Kahlua with buttercream.

people didn't know what to think about this cake!!! Didn't know if they should eat it for dessert or for the main meal!!!

and again!!! Can you tell this is a popular cake!!

Same baby shower cake ... different customer. This cake was white almond sour cream cake with rasberry filling. Oh so good!!!

A baby shower cake I made for one of my son's friends who was having a baby.

A friend of mine needed a cake for an auction her dad was having to benefit kids. He owns a bar and I thought this would be the right one!!! Beer bottles are made out of sugar.