Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Every sweet tooth has to try one of these!!!

Caramel apples dipped in milk chocolate/dark chocolate or white chocolate
and coated with either coconut / pecans / mini chocolate chips...
YUMMY!! $2.00 each!! Give one a try....


Here are some great new flavors to try for fall:

* caramel apple
* cinnamon cardamom
* snickerdoodle
* caramel vanilla
* creme brulee
* apple pie
* cherry chocolate
* banana
* whoppers
* peanut butter
* peanut butter truffle
* chocolate chip
* coffee walnut chocolate chip
* chocolate pumpkin
* carrot
* red velvet

Monday, September 8, 2008

skating birthday party!!!

This was a vanilla cake for a customer who was having a skating party for her daughter..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cupcake bouquet

Made this for a friend of mine's Mom. Coconut cupcakes with coconut frosting!!

cakes for dessert auction

We have a family in town that the mother is battling lung cancer. She has 3 kids and is having a hard time making it. Some of us organized a dinner and dessert auction. I made 3 cakes.... a chocolate cake torted with a caramel filling and iced with a chocolate hazlenut buttercream. Dipped strawberries topped it off!!! The picture is terrible but I was thrilled with how it turned out! Then made a butter rum bundt cake with some more dipped strawberries in the middle. The last dessert were my homemade hostess cupcakes. The dinner and auction were a success for the family!!!

cupcakes for Luau

Made 75 cupcakes for Skydive Dallas... luau theme. So I made coconut cupcakes w/pineapple filling, macadamia nut with buttercream, and chocolate with coconut cream filling and dreamsicle with whipped frosting.